Parent Handbook

School Newsletter

A message from the primary class….

Our first month together in the primary class has been absolutely lovely and amazing! We have shared a month of many “firsts” and all of your children are enjoying getting to know one another, getting to know their environment, and exploring the materials in the classroom.

We are settling into the swing of things here, sweetly and calmly. Our mornings are full of music, sign language, story telling, yoga, and introductory Spanish. During the work period, your children are already practicing being graceful and courteous, walking around a friend’s rug, tucking in their chairs, putting work away carefully, asking “may I join you?” and using “please” and “thank you” consistently. Much of the work being done currently includes art activities and practical life exercises, encouraging hand eye coordination, visual discrimination, and honing fine motor skills. Your children are very interested in cutting, gluing, drawing, painting, pouring, scooping, lacing, and stringing beads together. We are also learning to handle and manipulate the sensorial staples in a Montessori classroom: the broad stair and the pink tower. Mathematic awareness and numeracy skills are also being cultivated on a daily basis using sandpaper numerals, the red and blue rods, and other concrete manipulatives. Everyone is happily engaged throughout the work period and Catherine and I are so glad to be able to give several individual lessons each week.

Our Primary photo album, full of the pictures you sent in, gives the children a chance to look at and talk about their families with their peers. This encourages blossoming friendships while also easing the anxiety of separation. Your children love to show these photos to friends and talk about the people they love. Please feel free to bring in more photos to add to this album in order to extend the conversations to include grandparents, aunts/uncles, cousins, family pets, etc. The children really love having this album in our room and having a chance to see their friends’ families as well.

We look forward to another month of growth and connection, and to our first school wide field trip to Smith Family Farm!

A message from the toddler class….

The children are all doing so well! It took our new additions a little time to grow comfortable with their new school, teachers, and peers but we are all settling in. They are learning how to sit at circle, how to choose their work and return it when they are finished. There are also learning how to tell a friend they want to work independently or if they want to work together. We also practice keeping our classroom clean by wiping up spills and vacuuming the carpet. We have been learning about shapes and colors as well. They are very impressive with their knowledge!

Some favorite work so far has been doing anything with water, art, building, puzzles, and feeding our fish Morris. The children love singing songs and hearing stories, especially the Wheels on the Bus book and our song Grandpa’s Farm and making the different animal sounds. Circle time is a favorite part of their day. We also enjoy taking a moment to practice some yoga and the silence game.

This month we will move on to farms and animals, pumpkins, and fall. We will do pumpkin art such as making play dough pumpkins, pumpkin drawings, and making and erasing faces on a real pumpkin. We will talk about the changing of the season. The children will also practice hammering golf tees into a mini pumpkin. Towards the end of the month, we will carve a pumpkin, learn that is a a fruit by examining the seeds, and light a candle in our carved Jack-o-lantern.

Just a few things for all:

Halloween is approaching and we know this can be an exciting time for some children but we ask that you please do not send your child to school in a costume or Superhero/Disney clothing. This can be very scary for young children because they do not understand the difference between real and imaginary and seeing others in costume can be quite frightening for them. We focus more on the season rather than the holiday. Children may bring the subject up and we welcome what they share with us but will not celebrate the holiday at school.

Please join us on Wednesday, October 25th the Pumpkin patch at 10:30. We will all meet at Smith Family Farm in Brentwood. They are located at 4430 Sellers Ave. The cost is $10 per person payable to Marnie. Everyone is welcome!

Primary class tours. Toddlers families are welcome to tour the primary class on Fridays. Come see the wonderful work the children do! Please make an appointment so we only have one family visiting at a time. Thank you.

The toddler class starts their morning inside at 9:00 with a greeting circle and lessons on some materials. We want every child experience this so please be on time. Pick up time is 12:00 for all. We do offer a 10 minutes grace period for times your are running late but be mindful this is a grace period we offer as not to charge you. This is our prep time. Also, is it very difficult for children when they see other children’s families come but theirs does not. We know lives get busy but please do you best to be here on time. Our late fee charge is $10 to be paid at the time of arrival.

About our sick policy……If your child runs a fever, they need to stay home 24 hours after the end of the fever not reduced by medication. Most children are contagious before they show symptoms. You are the best judge. A parent can often tell when a child is about to come down with something because of their energy level or behavior even before they develop symptoms. According to the American Medical Association, this is the time they are the most contagious. They can return to school when the fever has broken for 24 hours and you feel they are ready to return. We do our best to disinfect what goes in mouths and do disinfect the classroom when children go home daily. We greatly appreciate your efforts in helping us keep our classroom healthy!

Reminder- October 31st-Teacher Work Day-No School

Marnie, Amanda, Danielle, and Cathrine.